Projects Completed

ACADEMIC YEARS 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17,2017-18 and 2018-19

1. A deep learning based solution for the detection of ripened tomatoes in farms for robotics based harvesting, Rencheeraj Mohan, Sreekumar K, Year 2018-19

2. Malarial parasite detection from blood smear images using deep learning, Thenu Eliz Thambi, Sreekumar K, Year 2018-19

3. A Decision Support System for Short-term Weather Forecasting through the analysis of cloud images from Geostationary Satellite., Chitra Merin Varghese, Sreekumar K, Year 2017-18
4. Estimation of chlorophyll content present in green leaves by Analyzing the images using machine learning approaches., Mamatha V, Sreekumar K, Year 2017-18
5. Machine Vision based Automatic Identification of Mango Species Varieties., Reshma R, Sreekumar K, Year 2017-18
6. Prediction of Indian Natural Rubber Price:- Examining Solutions Using Statistical And Machine Learning Approaches, Nisha K G, Sreekumar K, Year 2016-17
7. Automatic Detection of Heart Diseases By The Analysis of Digital ECG, Ashly Elizabeth Vincent, Sreekumar K, Year 2016-17
8 Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant Leaf Recognition: An Image Processing Approach Amala Sabu, Sreekumar K, Year 2016-17
9. Curvelet and PNN Classifier Based Approach For Early Detection And Classification Of Breast Cancer In Digital Mammograms, Anu Appukuttan, Sindhu L, Year 2015-16.
10. Recognition of Indian Coins using Image Based Approach, Aby Sasi, Sreekumar K, Year 2015-16.
11. Automatic Video Summarization Using Semantic Features, Tinumol Sebastian, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2015-16.
12. Particle Swarm Optimization based Approach for Optimizing the Performance of Automatic Image Annotation using Weighted Feature Fusion, Ashitha Jose, Sreekumar K, Year 2015-16.
13. Application of Data Mining in Forecasting Electricity Generation from Wind Power Stations, Mahima Susan Abraham, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2015-16.
14. Automatic Aesthetic Quality Assessment Of Photographic Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network, Sruthy Suran, Sreekumar K. , Year 2015-16.
15. An Information retrieval system for Malayalam using query expansion technique, Arjun Babu, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
16. Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam using Probabilistic and Rule Based approaches, Aswani Shaji, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
17. Building a scalable reverse dictionary for English, Jincy A K, Sindhu L
18. Creating Disease Profile for Liver Disease Diagnosis using Categorical Clustering Algorithm., Rvathi M Nair, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
19. Automatic text summarization in Malayalam, Saranyamol C S, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
20. Spelling Error Detection and Correction in Malayalam, Shahana Basheer, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
21. Malayalam Question Answering system using system domains and classes of questions., Unmesh Sasikumar, Sindhu L, Year 2014-15
22. Efficient automatic image annotation system using weighted feature fusion and its optimization using Genetic Algorithm, Ajimi Ameer, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
23. Automatic Image Retrieval System Based On Content Descriptors.Alphonsa Thomas, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
24. Direct and indirect discrimination prevention in data Mining., Ancy Daniel, Sreekmar K, Dr. Minu K K, Year 2014-15
25. Automatic detection of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia using feature extraction and neural network classification from Blood Microscopic Images., Athira Krishnan, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
26. Rule based expert system on agriculture using backward chaining, Divya Joy, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
27. Retrieving constraint based data from Data Streams , Lini Susa Kurien, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
28. Reversible Data hiding in encrypted images by preserving room before encryption, Princy Raj, Sreekumar K, Year 2014-15
29. Combination of complementary features for automatic image annotation., Rejhil M Kumar, Year 2014-15
30. Dynamic query forms for database queries with enhanced keyword search, Gopika S, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2014-15
31. A disaster management system using mobile network technology and data mining approach, Jeeva V R, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2014-15
32. Fault node replacement based on FLAKE and hop-by-hop techniques in wireless sensor networks, Resmi S J, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2014-15
33. An automatic annotation technique for web search results., Rosamma K S, Jiby J Putiyidam, Year 2014-15
34. A security framework based on encryption and decryption for software-as-a-service, Sithara S, Jiby J Puthiyidam, Year 2014-15
35. Students performance prediction using artificial neural network, Sumam Sebastian, Jiby J Puthiyidam. , Year 2014-15