Major Equipments / Facilities Available

Electronics Circuits Lab

The Department has the Electrical Engineering workshop for conducting various experiments relating to wiring and electrical installations. The Basic Electrical Engineering Lab, Electrical Measurements Lab and Electrical Machines Lab has all the basic equipments for conducting all the experiment. The various equipments include DC and AC Motors and Generators, Transformers, Three phase and single phase loads – both resistive and inductive, earth resistance tester, phase shifting transformer, insulation tester, various bridges and potentiometers, DC and AC meters of all ranges, clamp on meters, BH loop tracer etc.

• CROs
• Function generator
• Power supplies
• Multimeters.
Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Lab
• Digital IC Trainer Kits
• 8085 Microprocessor Kits
• 8086 Microprocessor Kits
• 8051 Microcontroller Kits
• 8951 Microcontroller Kits
• Universal EPROM Programmer
• CROs
Communication Lab/Minor Project lab
• Intel Pentium IV Systems
• Digital storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
• Microwave Bench
• Optical fibre Communication Kit
• Analog Signal sampling and reconstruction Kit ACT-01
• Data conditioning and data reconstruction Kit ACT-07T
• BPSK/DPSK and DEPSK Modulation and demodulation Kit ADCT-01
• QAM /DQAM Modulation /Demodulation Kit ADCT-05/ADCT-06
• DM/AD modulation and demodulation Trainer Kit ACT-06
• Pulse code Modulation and demodulation kit BCT-10

Signal Processing Lab /Major project lab
• Intel Core 2 Duo Systems
• TMS320 DSP kits
• VHDL and VLSI System development Environment
• Code Composer Studio