The Department was established in 2013 and offers B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department aims at reshaping the objectives in education and training, so that the students can excel not only in technological knowledge and applications, but also in a multidisciplinary engineering background for the career directions they have planned. Students are encouraged for paper presentation and other co-curricular / extracurricular activities and competitions within and outside the state.

The department has very good infrastructure facilities including high end computer systems, high speed Internet connectivity, high frequency digital storage oscilloscopes, function generators, electrical design softwares etc. The electrical workshop, basic electrical engineering lab, electrical measurements lab, electrical machines lab, power electronics lab and advanced electrical lab are the major laboratory facilities offered by the department.

Electrical Workshop

This workshop is used for imparting basic training to UG students in wiring, soldering etc. and is equipped with Drilling machine, Wiring demo models, Hand tools etc.

Basic Electrical Engineering and Measurements Lab 

The electrical fundamental laws like KVL, KCL, Thevinin’s, Norton’s theorems, series & parallel RLC circuits etc. are verified & demonstrated on experimental platform. This lab is equipped with measuring instruments, rheostats, AC & DC bridges, capacitive, inductive & resistive loadings, earth resistance tester, energy meters, BH loop tracer etc.

Power Electronics Lab

Power electronics is interdisciplinary in nature and is used in a wide variety of industries from computers to chemical plants to rolling mills. This lab includes isolation transformers, Power scope, DSOs and SCR, IGBT, MOSFET, TRIAC characteristic kit, chopper drives, PLL, OpAmp circuits etc.

Electrical Machines Lab

This lab includes various test & measuring instruments, ac machines like transformers, induction motors,  alternator etc. and dc  machines like series, shunt and compound motors and generators, static rectifier unit etc.

Advanced Electrical Lab

       The main hardware facilities in this lab include armature controlled & field controlled dc  motors, servo motors, phase lag, lead & lag-lead networks, LVDT, synchros,  magnetic amplifier,  etc. This lab also has open source softwares for doing power system analysis such load flow, economic load dispatch, fault analysis etc.