ONYX 2018 Concluded..

IHRD College of Engineering, Poonjar has successfully organizied its annual technical fest “Onyx 2018” during  16th to 17th of February at the College campus. The technical fest, ONYX 2018 was a national level intercollegiate programme loaded with events and exhibitions aimed at furthering the awareness and interest of school-college students and the general public in technology. The fest is based on the theme, “Technology Grows green” and aims to be fully eco-friendly and plastic-free.

The fest had technical events like robowars, coding, paper presentations and circuit designing for engineering students as well as robotics workshops, quizzes and project exhibitions for  school students. The fest was organized by a committee chaired by the principal, Dr. Jayachandran E.S. and staff members, Professors Sherin Joseph and Yasim Khan M. A total of prizes worth Rs.2 Lakhs has been awarded to the winners.

More details of the fest can be found on www.onyx2018.com and www.facebook.com/onyx2018

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