Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination

Government of India, Ministry of HRD, Department of Higher Education, New Delhi and University Grants Commission is continuously monitoring the prevention of caste based discrimination in higher educational institutions.

The College ensures that no official/faculty members indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students.

Any complaints of caste discrimination by SC/ST students may be sent by filling-in the following form.

Visit the Cast based discrimination redressal portal at

Sri. Shine P James (Convenor)

Contact No: 9446122060


1.Sri.Shine P James                -Asst.Prof. in Electronics (Convener)

2.Sri.Musthapha Kamal          -Sr. Superintendent

3.Smt.Eliswa Laiju                 -Asst.Prof. in Electrical & Electronics Engg.

4.Akshya N                                -Student Member(SC/ST)(EC7)