Quotations Invited…

Sealed quotations are invited for the following items

Sl No. Quotation No. Name of Item Download Link
1 A2/731/2017/CEP Office Desktop PCs [Download]
2 A2/728/2017/CEP Server Computer [Download]
3 A2/719/2017/CEP Photocopier Machine [Download]
4 A2/718/2017/CEP Equipments for Power Systems Lab [Download]
5 A2/720/2017/CEP 3-Phase Capacitive Load [Download]
6 A2/677(A)/2017/CEP Tools & Equipments for Mechanical Lab [Download]
7 A2/721/2017/CEP Equipments for Testing Lab [Download]
8 A2/729/2017/CEP Split A/C [Download]


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